Guastavino's Wedding / Jillian + Sean

I love how different AND similar cultures are in the world! If someone can explain to be the historical reason why, I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW! For example: Many cultures have a similar "circle dance". The Greeks, Italians, Jewish, Indians, etc...

PS: Based on my experience, the Jewish Hora takes the crown in nuttiness. 

And in Jillian & Sean's case, the Jewish bedeken reminds me of the Indian tradition, Vidaai, where the bride's family collectively sobs together in giving away their daughter.

Wedding Venue: Guastavino’s | Wedding Planner: Nadine Engel | Invitations: Say It With Paper | Florist: Bride & Blossom | Hair: Ramona Azcona | Make Up: Katie Nova | Caterer: Mike's Bistro | Videographer: Frank Ahn | Strings: SPN Events